Monti – Overcoming A Life Of Tragedy With Music

Eyes blinded with lies

Passion burns, passion hurts

Elusive love and illusions of bliss.

Lauren Silva, aka Monti, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter has released her single Cowards Castle.

Concerned about a toxic relationship, ruined by a lack of involvement, Monti’s mighty vocals express how honest her songwriting can be, and how heavy her emotions might weigh.

“As the relationship kept getting more and more unbalanced I realized my partner had started to build a castle around his emotions, and wore his cowardly crown proudly as he allowed his fears to push me and love further and further away metaphorically speaking.” confides Monti.

She’s blending her lyrics with powerful images (“house of cards, watch it fall down, down, down“), adding more impact to the drama.

The song was produced and co-written by Josh Stevens.

Monti’s music is made to paint the pain of any dark situation and free the feelings, letting it all out.

The goal, indeed, is to empower with thought provoking lyrics about overcoming a life of hardships.

Born into an abusive broken home filled with drugs and alcoholism, Monti was a runaway who dodged foster care systems living off and on the streets, escaping a life of gangs, mental hospitals, group homes.

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