Julia Carlucci – Spotlight On The Toronto Independent Music Scene

Some people fantasize about the fanciest streets in New-York City

Some people fall obsessed with Los Angeles, a place supposed to rhyme with success,

And London is a city that never sleeps yet hold so many people’s dream.

Some people tend to forget about Toronto, thriving place where buzz talents.

Andria Simone, Liz Loughrey, Laura Roy and Monica Chapman are a few living prooves.

Julia Carlucci is another one of Toronto’s buzzing talents to look at.

For the past couple of years, Julia has been working on new music that she’s now eager to share with her growing fanbase and take the industry by storm.

What is more, part of the independent Toronto music scene, she shares the will to keep the scene thriving and build one healthy music community

She’s committed many years to develop and improve her craft on stage.

Her work takes inspiration in the likes of Alicia Keys, Adele and Beyoncé.

That way she offers an explosive blend of Soul and Pop, along outstanding vocals.

Her debut EP, “For Me“, was released in July 2015. 

Julia’s debut single “Take Me Down” was released on February 17th.

The official music video,was directed by Merik Williams. 

This visual perfectly pictures the performance skills of the singer, who’s worked for many years alongside some of Canada’s preeminent musicians.

Charisma and vibrant presence: under the spotlight she brights.

Produced by Cat Lewis and Andrew Kesler, Julia explains the meaning of her song:

Take Me Down is about falling for someone you know you shouldn’t.

It’s when your head knows better but your heart is too curious to walk away.

Although the lyrics are vulnerable, I always imagined the song with a strong sound and upbeat vibe, so the production needed to be just right.

It needed to have that throwback feel but still punch like a contemporary pop record and I think we definitely achieved that.” 

In other words, love feels so good when it hurts so bad…

Take Me Down is now available on all digital and streaming platforms and has already reached over 20,000 streams on Spotify.

Besides, she’s also appreciated for the little covers that show a bit more of her various musical tastes.

Her cover of the Weeknd’s song, I Feel It Coming has reached over 100,000 streams on Spotify.


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