Dia – An Opera Voice To Inspire Calm, Purity And Express Romantism 

The songs she sings sound like genuine prayers.

Her voice is purity and her lyrics paint an ocean of thoughts,

A shimmering ocean, reflection of her mind, she’s swimming in, all synchronized.

Woke, she enlightens the one who listens to her, and inspires them to meditation and spirituality.

Her name is Dia (Danielle Birrittella), bright as the daylight, and a new delight to discover.

She released her debut EP , Tiny Ocean, released with Manimal Records.

Her project is imbued with spirituality, and inspires a great calm; this is a moment of contemplation.

Indeed, considering her background, she was raised on a Hindu ashram, and used to sing ceremonial ragas as a child.

This has led her to pursue a classical music education, performing as an opera singer throughout the U.S. and Europe, influenced with Baroque and French Romantics.

To mature her craft, she blended her classical influences with hints of Pop and Folk, playing instruments such as the ukulele, electric guitars.

Other instruments such as the organic percussion you an hear in the main track Tiny Ocean, or the cello, the tiple and drones help bring an atmosphere ethereal enough.

This all mixed together gives you the recipe for Baroque-pop music.

The message behind her lyrics are really thoughtful and comes from a long time thinking.

As Dia explains: “the idea of just total surrender to love, martyrdom for love is power”.

Tiny Ocean is Dia’s version of that, “tie a knot around my tiny ocean, hammer me to every wall you build… burn me with your brightness…”

Cinematic her EP sets up a mood and suggests a mind escape.

Lyric and poetic it perfectly suits a long drive on a grand road,

Or a ride into the wild.

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