Sophia Ben Yousef: For Project Music Film – Operation Lightfoot

Sophia Ben Yousef, that Merseyside Jewel, lets the shine of her talent bright

Among the brilliant musicians featured in the collaboration project ‘Operation Lightfoot‘, directed by Luke Moore (composer, arranger & session musician (cello, bass, piano)).

Faithful to his reputation, Luke Moore has built up a network of some of the best musicians in the North West.

Proof is: the new single, titled ‘Chains’, released this October 27th, co-written by Sophia Ben Yousef.

‘Chains’ is a masterpiece: the strings and the vocals drag you slowly into a one-of-a-kind atmospheric musical experience.

The poetry of this songwriting makes you visualize some kind of dreamy images of a dramatic movie scene

Feeling like traveling in time, feeling like travelling without moving.

Operation Lightfoot shall leave its footprint in your spirit, with such a mind-blowing experience.

Along the project, Operation Lightfoot has accomplished its ambition to feature a range of guest singer-songwriters, musicians, co-producers, photographer and film makers.


The vision behind ‘collaboration’ gives a clear view of the artistic direction:

“Collaboration is perhaps the best way to learn, develop and produce something that is greater than the sum of its parts.
It is central to Operation Lightfoot, which features some of the most outstanding musical talent from across the UK, each co-writing and recording a track and working on a video that will feature on a finished album of music and short films.”

Operation Lightfoot, directed by Luke Moore, and with guests such as Sophia Ben Yousef, is best to make Art timeless:

Sophia’s talent never can stop shining bright like one of these stars standing out in a star-spangled sky.

Let yourself overwhelmed by a last shine, closing your eyes as rises her voice:

Marcus Gon

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