Sarob.: Serenity, The Remedy That Gives You The Fix You Need


Truth is, one looking-good tune, could never be too smooth, or too cool to soothe you!

Chilling over a track like “Serenity” can be therapeutic enough to make you feel better,

Sometimes one would wish the time to flow as slowly as the mellow melody

Trying to get the vibe right, when times aren’t alright.

In his visual, Sarob., 21 year old artist from Dayton, Ohio, does relate to this kind of feeling:

” This video depicts the commotion and confusion in my life while I was making the album, though I’m at a slower pace, repetitively expressing my desire for calmness and serenity.”

“Serenity” is an interlude among th 14 tracks of his upcoming album, titled “Down”.

AS we’re talking about peace of mind, freedom, and self-enlightenment,

An album such as “Down” promises to be another recipe to shine despite the confusion on one’s mind.

Tracks such as “Serenity” are the type of track you’d rewind to get that peace of mind.

According to Sarob:

The album in its entirety has 14 tracks and 45 minutes of music in which I break down my battles with OCD and depression;
However, I wanted to tell this story while creating a positive vibe—something people can groove to without being boring or preachy. I want people to feel better about what they’re going through.
There’s something valuable in everyone’s experiences, even if they’re down.”

Chill and serenity are part the Movement that the Music scene is taking, toward Healing process, and finding your own balance (Find Yourself – Akua Naru).

Talking about soothing tunes, let’s get back one year ago, with older tracks from this nice artists spitting some poetic flows in the middle of the day,

Sometimes conscious, sometimes raw, anytime organic:


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