Josh Stevens : Story Of Summer

“Summertime made promises he knew he couldn’t keep” (Alex Turner – The Last Shadow Puppets) 

Summer Might End But Never Does Its Story

Love on top, red roses were glooming when the sun rose upon that hilltop

Before the cool of the moon blew upon the wounds of that one mourning his love already lost…

Josh Stevens, whose works are Grammy Award Winning, RIAA Platinum Certified, Billboard Award Nominated, Juno Award Nominated (Canada) and ARIA Music Awards Platinum Certified (Australia).

Is sharing a story that has been going on and on in his upcoming EP titled “Story Of a Summer”.

Never-ending loving games become losing games circling around tumultuous romance.

In his EP Josh circles and gravitates around Anna, who’ll be the love of his life before being the lost of his life

The kind of story to leave deep scars, relating a heartbreak as violent as an earthquake.

After having worked with the likes of Warren G, Snoop Dogg, The Game, LMFAO, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa to name a few,

Josh plans to the front face of his next projects, Story Of Summer to be the first one.

Showing  his own style: modern sound in pop/indie-rock/dance

Besides electronic undertone, the projects records live instrumentations. This, added to Josh’s expressive voice (screaming out his lungs)

Gives a particular rawness to the project, which best illustrates the raw feelings one gets after a relationship going up and down.

It features great musicians such as singer-songwriter and trumpeter Spencer Ludwig, who adds that euphoria of the beginning with his trumpet

And Drew Hester, known as Common Sense‘s drummer in the 1990’s and as Foo Fighter‘s drummer in the early 2000’s.

As getting in a relationship is similar to jumping out of a hilltop hoping to find the wings of Love,

Yet when your crush decides to crush you,  then it all goes downhill: this is the authentic poetry to read in these lyrics.

Josh writes down the phases of a circling an tumultuous relationship within 5 acts,5 stages, 5 tracks, forming a story you never can forget.

Indeed, The “Story of Summer […] is a first person perspective to the rise and fall of a relationship.
The setting of this love story takes place in the sunny beach city of  Los Angeles, California.
It follows Josh through different stages of extreme euphoria to the darkest lows of meaningless one-night stands.
The album tells this story while still maintaining a sense of celebration with a high energy party song called Perfect Circle.”


Hilltop is the best way to end that season full of promises and stories to foerver remember, Summer

Followed up by that other season called Fall.





Marcus Gon

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