Greyce Music: Based On True Story

The more authentic the song, the more powerful its storytelling.

Greyce isn’t the one who hesitates to dare to share her story, because “Music is sharing”.

This music philosophy, this honesty and simplicity, this way so natural to, not only express but communicate

The core of her Soul music, reminds a lot of Lauryn Hill, a Superstar who knew how ‘Music Is Supposed To Inspire’

And, once again, authenticity is a real gain once the music is shared.

This song Greyce has written and interpreted,titled ‘Missing You’, is about a pain she managed to release

Thanks to this song that came to her heart and mind, to give her peace in ‘the place where there is no space and time’.

Indeed, as Greyce says: “I wrote this song for a friend of mine who passed away at a very young age. At the time it was unbearable and I didn’t know what to do with myself or how to move on or past it. After years of not really being able to accept his passing-away, this song came to my heart like a lullaby and became my release and farewell for my friend.”

So now, Greyce Sings, a duty greatly accomplished, making her friend the honor to sing about him.

The beauty of this story and of this video is, also, in the loyalty of the direction of this clip.

Indeed, this hand-made clip recalls childhood memories, and sticks to the story again;

As Greyce’s friend left for the Heavens at a young age. 

It is way more preferable to consider it, not like a loss, but like the bliss of a soul that you’ll never catch until you too reach the horizon of the Skyline.

Meanwhile, Greyce and her Music shall inspire and take you high enough so that you never feel low.

By the way, she reminds of some other songs whose storytelling is as powerful;

Not to mention, the amazing Kendrick Lamar, with the Never Catch Me video, or  with a lyrical chorus from ‘Sing About Me’:

When the light shut off,

And it’s my turn to settle down

Promise that you will sing about me

[…] Promise that you’ll sing about me when you make it big”.

She might be Just One Person, but she does relate to more than just one person,

Enlightening with a shining hope and feeling of happiness for life; this is why Soul Music is so good.

To conclude,sure hope you’ll enjoy an extract of Greyce’s performance, so you testify what she does shares on stage:

Marcus Gon

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