Nao Yoshioka opens up on mature love in ‘Wave’

With a production team that includes the same members who collaborated with H.E.R., Jhené Aiko, and Mac Miller, this is a Love Song for the Age of Diversity.

With the release of her single Tokyo 2020 serving as a reboot, Nao Yoshioka is back with a follow-up track that will breathe new life into the music scene.

“Wave” is a chill R&B song with a cool and refreshing feel, especially suitable as a post Summer release, when the warm air still lingers but Fall is around the corner.

With dreamy vocals comfortably intertwined with floating synthesizers, “Wave” is the product of a collaboration with an experienced and talented production team that is active at the forefront of the current R&B scene. The music was produced by Musicman Ty, a protégé of Swizz Beatz and the man behind the music of artists such as Alicia Keys, Mac Miller, and Snoop Dogg.

Musicman Ty is a hitmaker who has produced some of Nao Yoshioka’s most memorable tracks, including “I Love When” in 2016 and “Got Me” in 2019, which reached #32 on the Billboard charts. The mixing was courtesy of Miki Tsutsumi, who has worked with some of the top artists in the current R&B scene such as new Grammy-winning American R&B icons H.E.R. and Jhené Aiko, who has Japanese roots. In addition, mastering was handled by legendary engineer Tatsuya Sato. As part of the cutting-edge of New York’s music scene, these three experienced collaborators provide a solid foundation on which Nao’s soulful vocals can soar.

The theme of this song is about a new kind of love in an age of respect for diversity, and talks about a mature love that respects each person’s own way of life.

Marcus Gon

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