The simplest things mean the most in Tallulah Rose’s debut EP

We dance away the night,
Let our hurting minds get their healing

“Rise” by Tallulah Rose

Here comes the sun! Summer is here, and Tallulah Rose’s debut EP is its soundtrack“Rise” is a breath of fresh air. The Amsterdam-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist released it on Friday, June 4th. 

Jazz and neo-soul make up this EP. Nature is a large part of it: “Whispers carry on the breeze to the swing of the trees” (“Rise”) / “The waves, they crash beneath her The smell of salt is refreshing” (“Forward”) / “The sky is shining blue, the clouds are painted white They’re drifting far away out of my sight” (“Pretty Little Things”).

Refocus on the essential

The laid-back rhythms and Tallulah Rose’s smooth voice encourage the listener to relax. Instruments draw the landscape of our choice – the listener can also decide to go for a walk while listening to the EP. Refocusing on nature and the present moment is also a way to refocus on the simplest things.

“Rise” is also about healing, growing, and moving on: “We have to go forward, not back ‘Cause the past looks rather nasty, I can see the cracks” (“Forward”). Tallulah Rose might encourage us to find peace and our inner garden to bloom as flowers do.

Tallulah Rose

The 4 tracks got a melancholic tone too. This shows us it’s okay to be sad or nostalgic about a time, but you don’t have to be stuck with it. You can keep the good to move forward and welcome a new rising chapter in your lifeTallulah Rose experiences it herself with her last song, “Jezebel Boots”, which is a tribute to the choreographer and close family friend Janis Claxton. She keeps in her heart the lessons she learned by her side.

Hurt, pain, and mourning are inevitable processes. “Rise” is a celebration of life, with its highs and its lows.

An EP made with friends from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Tallulah Rose (born in 2002) is also known as Tallulah Molleson. Her love for music and art certainly comes from her parents. Skye Reynolds and Conrad Molleson are indeed respectively a dance artist and a musician. She won a choral scholarship to St Mary’s Music School in Edinburg when she was only 8. That’s where her love for saxophone began.

Her talent brought her to cross paths with the Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra and the National Youth Jazz Orchestras of Scotland. Things accelerated again when she received an invitation to further her studies in jazz saxophone at the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

She was 16 at the time. Little did she know Amsterdam would be the city to achieve her dreams. She met four others artists at the Conservatorium; they got along so well they’re a part of her record. Adam Kiepuszewski (guitar), Jelte Noordvel (keys), Fanny Van Dij (bass), and Max Seargen (drums) pooled their talent to create its atmosphere both soothed and melancholy. Arthur Veys (co-producer, sound, mixing, and mastering engineer) was also at the Conservatorium and is now part of this project.

“Rise” is rich in sweetness and accuracy, both in the melodies and the lyrics. It isn’t hard to project yourself in Tallulah Rose’s universe. We can tell she put her soul into this project: “Pretty Little Things” is one of the first songs she ever wrote (aged 10), and it’s now on her first EP. Sounds So Beautiful is curious to see what she got in store next!

Mélanie Domergue

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