MIA MI – Songwriting, A Remedy For Mental Exhaustion

Hardened heart hide unspoken secrets
In the thick of the mess, of the stress, 
Oppressive feelings can watch me, maybe catch me,
Snatch the rest of the little peace of me
Before shut off the lights
Be for me, in the cold night
Care for me, when I’m lonely 
Pray for me, when I’m bummy
Talk to me, when I’m needy

Some artists share their vulnerability, their sadness, and even their anger in their music. Writing is the way to cope with the pain, draw a new picture perfect to quiet your headspace. Songwriting is therapeutic.

Some artists find it trendy to sing about depression and suicidal tendencies, until it influences the youth in the wrong way.

Some artists carefully weigh every single word they’re using. One word in a song, played on rotation can stunningly impact your mind and behaviour. North London based soulful pop artist Mia Mi is one these careful artists.

While the likes of Gavlyn, Saba Jamila Woods and H.E.R. address the subject of mental health with everthing it may concern (self-esteem, self-harm, depression, loneliness, recreational drugs, pressure…)  and talk about caring for your loved-ones before it’s too late, 19 year old Mia Mi pens a thoughtful song about it all: ‘Talk To Me’.

Talk To Me is an invitation to communicate, and is a hand given to get out of loneliness and toxic headspace.

Out of a soothing voice, Mia Mi is singing out comforting lyrics and conveys delightful sensations of lightness. The smooth and suggestive play of the guitar elegantly introduces her voice, then reacts to every intention. Downtempo beat on the drums opens the space so Mia can passionately express how much she cares about her friend.

Her debut single, is released January 18, produced by UK producer Drifta, is also co-written by emerging R&B singer J Elle, who recently released her new EP ‘Between The Lines’.


When speaking of the single, Mia Mi said: “‘Talk To Me’ stemmed from the taboo topic of talking about mental health. It’s something that I hold very close and it effects both women and men everywhere.

I wanted to create a song which was truthful but also warming, something that would make people check up on their friends and loved ones to make people feel safe.

Talking allows you to find answers and it opens up your mind to new possibilities.”

Making music that reflects her upbringing and inspirations of British pop culture, Mia Mi first found her love for music when she won a local singing competition that she entered at just the age of 10.

Having thrown herself headlong into her music, Mia enrolled at London’s Centre for Young Musicians, then the highly acclaimed Brit School. Following this, she went on to create a YouTube channel where her covers amassed thousands of views.

These opportunities gave Mia Mi the confidence to grow musically as an artist and lead her to become more open minded about her stylistic choices and her potential. She began write lyrics and small poems about personal situations she had been through as well as topics that affect today’s society.

“My love for singing grew along with my desire to inspire people and I want to be able to tell my stories from the perspective of a young british female in today’s world.

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