Moneá motivates you to “Check In” with yourself in her new single

Off the heels of her international debut in London, Richmond-based R&B/Soul artist Moneá is back with a smooth and inspiring new hit entitled “Check In”.

Boldly confronting the hectic rat race that is our lives, the young artist encourages herself as well as her fans to take a moment to stop, be still and check-in with themselves. Acknowledging how easy it is to lose ourselves in a busy sea of to-do lists,

Moneá’s new track offers a calm and soothing R&B melody that serves as the perfect pairing for her meditative and encouraging attitude we’ve grown to know and love. Driving home the importance of staying grounded, Moneá’s spirituality bleeds through her soulful melodies, pulling listeners in from the very start.

“Check in,

Your mind, your body, your soul

You need to check in,

Let it all through, let it all go”

Moneá invites you to focus on your mental health and break free from your daily pressure.

Online, the young artist offers an engaging combination of enchanting R&B music and spiritual advice, appealing to lovers of personal growth, great melodies and a keen interest in the complexities of our universe and beyond.

Ending the year on a high note, “Check In” delivers the perfect message ahead of all of your New Year’s resolutions.

Léna Mercier

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