Steven Christopher, A Certified “Single Minded” Boy

LA-based R&B artist Steven Christopher is definitely not a certified lover boy. He’s rather happier single than in a relationship, minding his own business, curating self-love. Here’s why he releases his new track “Single Minded”. This is the second single release leading up to the release of his debut EP, out at the end of Summer 2020. 

“Single Minded”, written and produced by Steven Christopher himself, follows the release of “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing”. The proceeds of which will be donated to the Los Angeles arm of Black Lives Matter for the next year. 

The smooth and sultry rhythmic mid-tempo R&B track revels in the peace felt after learning from your mistakes in love. Steven wrote this song as a response to the millions of sad love songs out there, which “Single Minded” is not. The song is about being happy and content with being alone. The track’s production was heavily inspired by Timbaland and early 2000’s R&B. 

Steven on the single: “Not everybody is crying over love like that all the time. We can take it or leave it. We’re more focused on loving and taking care of ourselves. We’re Single Minded.”

Born and raised in Memphis, TN Steven Christopher is the epitome of the DIY artist, entirely self produced and written, his songs glide seamlessly back and forth between heavily inspired early 2000 R&B pop and cloud rap.

Steven’s love of music was developed at an early age following his aunts and uncles as they gigged around Memphis, known for singing behind major Gospel and R&B artists. In 2018 he moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his love for music and film.

Steven recently made his acting debut in feature film CUCK, that has been profiled in Vanity Fair and the Hollywood Reporter. He is now ready to unveil his first full length project at the end of Summer 2020.

Marcus Gon

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