Sara Lugo Elevates Her Music To New Levels In 2020

“We can change.” 

Sara Lugo stands ready for a new bloom in 2020.

This new year marks 11 years since the beginning of Sara Lugo’s career.

After recently moving to France where Sara met Blanka from LFE – one of France’s finest DJ crews – their musical connection took its natural course and the fruit of their collaboration can soon be heard on all digital platforms.

These two past years she’s been preparing her forthcoming album with new flavors. Blessed with a bright career in the Reggae scene, Sara Lugo’s music takes roots in Soul music too and the more she grows, the more she unveils her love for hip hop and ethereal production.

If you ever cruise into her playlist, you’ll notice Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys among her top favorite singers.

Whatever the genre, Sara Lugo is simply willing to make music that feels true to herself, authentic, contemplative, and inspirational. The singer-songwriter aspires for freedom, peace of mind and a message of love.

Sara Lugo’s typical signature: genuine rendition and stunning vocal performance. The way she sings makes you feel weightless. 

On May 22nd, she’s releasing her long awaited EP titled Elevate. This brand new body of work allows the singer-songwriter to elevate her music towards new tastes.


01. Elevate
02. Flowaz
03. Energy Of Gods
04. Time
05. Free Flow

The first single is built on a laid-back hip hop beat with sparkly elements that audiolize the evolution from the dark to the light. Despite the new musical direction, subtle Reggae flavors remain still. The new production features indeed a typical bass line.

It is a first taste of what musical direction her personal growth has taken, leading up to the long-awaited third album FLOWAZ, available end of 2020.

Lyrics: Sara Lugo
Vocal Melody: Sara Lugo and Manuel Garcia
Music: Blanka
Arrangement: Blanka
Mix & Master: Blanka at Kasablanka Studio
Produced by Take It Easy Agency Publishing: Alter K

Last year, she revealed the first hint to her new music, by featuring in La Fine Equipe’s 5th Season album, with single Free Flow.

At the dawn of a new season, Lugo dares taking new directions for her musicianship. She’s exploring new ways to approach her songwriting and the concept around her music.


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