AJIA – London Songwriter Cultivates A Fine Taste For Sampling

This 90’s R&B inspired track allows AJIA’s smooth and soulful voice to shine brightly throughout.  All true R&B and soul connoisseurs will surely dig this offering.

Piece of My Love, Sentimental Easing, Love Me, and Immortal all count as AJIA’s best songs ever written. All of them have something in common: the introductive sample, always chosen with a taste for vintage or old school Soul/R&B music. Such a retro aesthetic adds up a smooth feeling to the tune.

Sampling seems omnipresent in AJIA’s music, which would imply a profound passion for beatmaking and a will to share this culture.

Her whole music has that nostalgic for the 90’s and revives it with a very urban and modern touch. Simple yet refined at the same time. Stripped-down production gives her space so she can let the melodies flow and sing with great freedom. The groove of the bass lines and the steadiness of the drums build up a solid rhythm structure.

All of that makes a very enjoyable songwriting with the personal touch of the singer.

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