SONTA – Real Talented Singer & Rapper From Chicago

“Don’t make me feel a way (away from me)” H.E.R.

Chicago singer-songwriter SONTA is offering a great sound experience. She’s going all the way from singing to rapping, and makes it look all natural and easy.

She describes her sound as “R&D” (rhythm & drill); when she raps she goes all in, when she sings it is a vibe.

After taken the music industry by storm in 2018 with her debut project In My Feelings which has more than 15 million streams to date, she keeps making music where she can freely express herself, unapologetic. That’s what made her fans love her so much,

Sonta’s breakout single “You Ain’t Sh*t” gained over 1.2 million views on YouTube. Her video for her follow-up single “Who Is She” surpassed the 5.3 million view mark, with its burlesque directing, as funny as a vine where the character is always on some trust issues.

Indeed “Type of Way” challenges men to get right or get lost. “Type of Way” is, as the title suggests, a ballad that explores human emotion. The visual highlights themes of trust, commitment, and love.

From Chance The Rapper, to Saba, Noname and Sonta, Chicago is blessed with a great new generation of talents.

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