Up Down Go Machine – Powerful Folk & Blues Piece

Rolling the dice, making it all look nice

Nothing but the win in mind and with pride standing Up

But the lack of luck will have his face Down

Vices, bad habits and addiction wouldn’t let Go

A wise man thinks twice before standing weak in front of a gambling Machine

And the London four-piece band Up Down Go Machine inspires what it’d be like to feel despair as a Gambler.

The taste of pain and regrets deep inside a voice as raw as impulsive, the slow tempo and soft melodies  to heal and soothe the singer’s blues.

Gambler is a strong folk and blues piece, and its music video emphasizes the idea of despair. The clip reflects accurately the emotions voiced by the Stephen Hallwood, the singer and guitarist of the band.

Stephen’s voice is so deep and meaningful, you can feel a presence, you can feel his very own Soul, weighing inside of him.

Hearing him screaming “Oh Lord, let me go” while a man tries to flee for a new horizon illustrates how well the music video matches the lyrics.


Up Down Go Machine consists of two siblings, Stephen Hallwood (singer/guitar) and Ria Hallwood (on the keys and backing vocals).

While Stephen brings out the impulsive, raw, and folk sound, Ria’s back vocals and keyboard chords contrast with mellowness. Sam Martin completes by giving more body their songwriting on the drums/percusion along with  Stephen Plumb on the bass.

Hailing from Wales and based in London, the band has been quite active performing these past yeras, gaining attention and respect from the media, such as BBC Introducing.

Now their forthcoming debut EP is highly anticipated.





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