Sheena O. Murray – Beautiful Blend Of R&B, Soul And Jazz From Miami

Sheena O. Murray is Jamaican native singer/songwriter residing in Miami, FL.

She actively performs in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and was a performer at the 2017 Jazz in the Gardens Musical Festival.

Her debut EP titled « SOMone » was released in 2016, we’ve introduced and reviewed previously.

The visual for her second single, On A High, from her EP, is directed with shades as grey as a cloud, and it pictures the melancholy of a Soul (stuck) in Love.

The video may reflect how well you can hardly get down, once you’ve been on cloud nine,

Hurtful you feel when it all falls down.

The jazzy sound of the guitar suggests a certain lightness, yet the voice of the singer suggests how heavy is her heart.

This is a beautiful blend of R&B, Soul and Jazz.


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