Jessica Curran – When Travel Inspires Your Music

As Boston green trees are raining Autumn Leaves

She flies and leaves for a white winter wonderland, Sweden.

Here she is now, in Stockholm, a place she calls home, 

A home for herself and her creativity, recording her debut album and studying Jazz.

Her name is Jessica Curran, and it’s safe to say her voice deserves the listen.

Her Jazz is smooth, light and mellow, her Jazz is warm and rich with rhythms.

She’s been involved in Downbeat Award Winning projects, and has recently been commissioned prestigious Nobel Museum to write a composition interpreting 2016’s Nobel Prize for Economic Science.

She lets her sound under the influences of Pop, Funk, and a bit of Rock

Much more than this, she’s been travelling a lot, and all her travels and new encounters have nourished her art and work.

Inspired by her trip in Europe, flying from Boston, Massachusetts, to Sweden and visiting France.

She went to Sweden to study Jazz and her Swedish Jazz history class inspired her the concept behind her album.

She indeed found out how beautiful it is to extend Music to all kind of art and expression, such as Dancing, Painting.

That’s why you can appreciate the beautiful visual for Weightless incorporating the creative and conceptual choreography.

As Jessica Curran stresses on the fact that she didn’t get involved in the creative process of the video, it is quite amazing to witness what your music inspires.

Watching an another artist that reflects that accurately all the intentions and suggestions you put in your songwriting is quite a unique satisfaction.

The choreography illustrates perfectly the idea of Weightlessness with the hint of uncertainty in the words of the singer, who sings in a smooth and soothing way emotions and reality check.

The more we listen to the track, the more it feels like we’re experimenting some kind of relief, giving peace of mind, leading to a weightless state.

You have still one week to go before March 1st to help such a beautiful project see the light.

To contribute, head over Jessica Curran’s kickstarter campaign here.

Her last travel led her feet to Lyon, in France, where she met up with the local musicians, another opportunity to gather and share music, good vibes provided:



By the way, this is not the first time she’s singing for the sake of Love, and for the love of France

Even though the following song is a cover from Snarky Puppy.

By the way, in her voice we could feel a hint of taste for Hiatus Kaiyote:

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