Sheena O Murray – Her True Love For Music

“I write music, I sing, I write: that’s my heart

Singing covers is fun but when you do your own stuff, you can really get in there” – Sheena O Murray

Native of  Kingston Jamaica, based in Brooklyn New York

Sheena, singer-songwriter and poet,  composed a collection of songs to illustrate that: SOMOne (Sheena O Murray One).

This six track EP is a love experience, tender love for music, and for what it feels to find yourself as a person through songwriting.

“It is a story of a girl who meets music, falls in love with music, marries music, bears the seed of this union with melodies and lyrical prowess.”

Music is her heart, and when she makes music, her two-sided mind becomes one again,

Her Soul finds peace, and she can breathe easy, and she can feel free.

Her spirit, light as a bird, escapes from its aviary,  aspiring to get higher and higher.

Before taking pride of who she is as a singer, she used to hide herself to let her voice sing Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston’s songs.

She would nourish other loves and passions, such as performing Arts,

And she would bloom at Dillard High School of the Arts, where she performed in several plays and musicals, always as a minor character,

While her true love for music and poetry would be left in a dark room.

“If I told you that you that a flower bloom in a dark room, would you trust me?” (Poetic Justice – Kendrick Lamar)

So Sheena kept writing and singing, along the years, and along times of uncertainty:

Music has been her remedy, and you can feel it in her heartfelt songwriting.

Her melodies contain so many feels, with a vocal so strong and back vocals so light and fragile,

It connects with a lot of emotions and suggests an overwhelming experience.

Performing Arts, singing and writing poetry… the emerging artist does share some common points with Janelle Monaé, the one and only:

We can only wish Sheena to keep walking and rocking her love for Music,

Until it leads her steps to the success she commits herself to.

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