Gold Complex – Elegant Soul/Pop Collective From Toronto

“Living my life like it’s Golden” – Jill Scott

Some people say Gold is color for success and achievement

Some people say it’s color for sophistication and elegance.

Some other people correlate Gold to another level wisdom.

And then you have this band, going by the name of Gold Complex; 

This band illustrates these 3 different definitions for Gold.

Fancy, this band fuses classic soul with pop and R&B, and offers an experience as swanky as can be (funky and sexy, in other words).

Elegant is their songwriting, and the beauty of their sound is this glittering youth mixed with a calm maturity.

Talking about a success story, their first two singles ‘Tread On Me’ and ‘Backbone’ received regular rotation on radio nationwide.

“Tread On Me”, a heart-breaking song never felt so sweet and smooth.

The groove slowly moves you, leads you to nod your head, leaves you helpless and speechless,

The feels in the singer’s voice, the suggestive horn section with this melancholic language of the saxophone tell it all.

Plus, the happening of the young emcee Nic Armour makes it all sound like a bit of poetic justice.

All their tracks are perfect in their EP, there’s no telling which could be the masterpiece,

With other songs like “Cities & Lovers” and its sudden silence, more explicit than any loud horn section, or any guitar chord.

Yet considering the genius songwriting here, there is no wonder why they made a remix for “Tread On Me”

Back on “Backbone” , a catchy and dancing song, popping out all kind of warm emotions.

Soulful and organic, this track is such a hit, besides  the nationwide radio rotation

This single has even been featured on the Nickelodeon television series, Open Heart, now on Netflix.

Rising new flames,  feeling brand new, and ready to take off for a soul-lifting journey,

They’re making the way for a new enriching project: the record of their debut full length album, “New Soul,” set for release in April 2017.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy their Deluxe edition of their self-titled EP:

We’ve discovered the likes of Andria Simone, now them, Toronto is full of musical treasures.


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