Piers James (JuniorP): Interview With A Fresh London Artist


B-boys and B-girls’d be bopping  and bouncing to the cool beats of 80’s Baby by Piers James,

Young artist critically acclaimed from Hunger Magazine, SBTV, Complex and Sabotage for his previous work.

Thinking out loud while chilling out over the first track of his forthcoming EP ‘Green Screens In Visible View’.

You’re literally diving right into a one-of-a-kind experience.

The London rapper and producer slots seamlessly into the mix with the likes of Jay Prince and Little Simz who are bringing high-quality, 90s-tinted rap back to the forefront of the UK scene.

Many words could be written to describe how rich is his creativity.

Yet, the following interview introduces us all of his interesting universe, with the creative process:

How would you describe your lyrical style within 5 words? And why?

‘Witty word play on vibes’ and why cause currently that’s my style however in couple years, styles change and I’m always looking to improve and evolve.

People used to talk about you as a mix of original and covered material (SBTV).Talking about covered material, which was the most challenging to cover? And why?

None of them I would say were necessarily challenging, as the vibe I got from the music I selected resonated with me so that it was easy for me to write to! However one of the biggest challenges for me, was learning to produce my own music from scratch and getting it to a level that you can hear in the rest of my new EP.

Can you talk about your forthcoming EP? Green Screens In-Visible View’

It’s a 6 track project with the majority of the tunes produced by myself, each track I feel is individual but work cohesively within the EP, my style isn’t about just rapping over beats, it’s more about creating an experience for my listeners.

How much time have you been working on it?

I’m always creating new things, so I had most structures of the tracks finished about a year ago but I’m a perfectionist so i’d always refer back to the tracks, tweaking little bits here and there because the devil’s in the detail.

What is the concept behind it?

The way I envisaged it was, the ‘Greens Screens’ is the background of my life where experiences are forever changing. While ‘In-visible View’ is a play on words. ‘Invisible View’ are the thoughts from abstract ideas, but could also be considered as ‘in visible view’ as you are listening to it and interpreting them.

What stories do you have to tell through your music?

I try to capture my experiences and thoughts, showing the journey’s of my mind – I’ll occasionally have conscious thoughts relating to the world around me and sometimes entering into self indulgence while trying to keep it as realistic as possible.

What was your creative process for 80’s Baby? How did you write this song, first track of the EP?

Jake Milliner sent over a good selection of beats, so while I was looking through I heard the (80s Baby) beat and instantly knew I wanted to lay down some vocals on it. When I was in the studio, the hook came naturally through brainstorming chorus hooks and with the lyrics to the hook in mind I wrote 2 verses that I felt accompanied the chorus well, once the main structure was done, I played around with the tune until I got it to a level I was happy with and then there you have it!

Thank you Piers James!

This first extrat to the forthcoming EP is best when it comes to enjoy a fresh and cooling musical experience, and that’s for sure!

Marcus Gon

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