RaysMuzik Celebrates Life and Black Pride in “Young”

Lighters inna the air if you’re black and proud yeah yeah

Put lighters in the air and scream it loud yeah yeah

RaysMuzik, Young

RaysMuzik dropped a new single entitled Young today and it’s a fun, joyful celebration of life— particularly Black life.  

Produced by Grammy award nominee Mr Kleb, the song’s life-affirming themes have taken on new relevance for RaysMuzik after he contracted a severe case of coronavirus that sent him to the emergency room this summer. But now he’s back to his old self and more energized than ever before.

“The track first began to take shape in a home recording session last year.

I recorded a first draft in London and then fleshed out the song and completed it whilst I was on holiday in France a few weeks later, so that’s perhaps why the song has that joyful feel and vibe to it.

More importantly though, having just been discharged from hospital after suffering from covid to the point of being rushed to A&E, I feel like ‘Young’ is the perfect song to celebrate the fact that I’m alive and healthy, as it really captures my new zeal for life.”


The British-Nigerian artist is an emerging talent who has racked up 2 million streams on Spotify. His full, warm voice combined with the track’s catchy beat make Young a bop. Once dancing is allowed again, it’s easy to see this song being played all summer long. Hips swaying, drink in hand, sun shining, people laughing: this is the scene that Young is meant for.

The track is accompanied by a music video directed by Charlie Rees and Edd Roberts of Fuego Films. There isn’t anything extraordinary about the video, but that’s what makes it relatable: it’s just a group of friends playing football and hanging out.

They’re all smiles, clearly having fun, clearly enjoying life together as RaysMuzik sings “I’m in the mood yeah, I’m in the groove yeah.”  While the glamorous girl’s role in the beginning feels a bit derivative, once she starts dancing and enjoying herself she adds a brightness to the video.

Pass me the Henny I sip away

And I go skrr skrr in a Chevrolet

I’ll be living my life like a holiday

RaysMuzik, Young

Of course, it’s not all carefree jubilance. The song also makes powerful references to Black Pride. Right from the start RaysMuzik raps “cos I’m young, rich, Black and my team long.” Not only does he have youth, money, and a support system, when others “get the bag but they fumble it / me I got the bag but I double it.” His confidence throughout the song is palpable and elevates it to anthem-level.

He also comments on police brutality, remarking that he doesn’t trust when people say police are his friend and that “we see the news no more ducking from the 5-0.”

In a world where discrimination is the norm, RaysMuzik chooses to uplift Black voices and Black life in a joyous and positive way. His latest single emphasizes that one should be nothing but proud to be Black.

Piper Anderson

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