Sonal Jogia – Songwriter In A State Of Love

Love is in motion
Secrets kept until confession
Life devotion and unashamed emotions
Love is Alive and in motion.

Ruben Young was singing a love song, expressing how feelings can flow and grow out of control. Sonal Jogia follows up with a tune made for emotions to fly like butterflies inside, loud and live.

Alive is the first single from her latest EP. Heartfelt songwriting, lyrics as tender as kissing lips, a guitar as sensual as the grips on the hips, and groove slowly soothing on the drums,… this song suggests a great sound experience. The colorful organ is smoothly setting up a dreamy background, as is life looked like a dream as long as there’s a mood for loving. Plus it all sounds so spontaneous at the same time.

“Being in a state of Love is something that cannot be described in words…it can only be felt. But a song… a song can transmit what words alone never could. A song can awaken feelings inside of us. I hope this song helps to awaken Love in you.” – Sonal Jogia.


By all accounts, Sonal Jogia has gone against the grain her entire life…and her musical journey is no exception. Having written and released her first album in her early thirties, this Canadian R&B songstress, who left her home and belongings 8 years ago to live in Spain, has battled through insecurity and conformity head-on… and won.

Her debut EP, Lovely Day, received a nomination for Best Urban Recording of the Year at the Breakout West Awards (Western Canadian Music Awards). Since then, she has performed countless live shows and has also collaborated and shared the stage with renowned Spanish producers and artists.

Feeling the need for more independence and to further enhance her creativity, Sonal decided to pick up the acoustic guitar. Within a 9-month period, she began to accompany herself on stage as a solo act.

She recently returned to her hometown of Calgary, Canada to finish writing and recording her latest EP, which is being produced, mixed and mastered by chart topping & platinum selling producer, Spencer Cheyne who’s worked with lately discovered R&B talent Ruben Young.

You can find Ruben Young, Sonal Jogia and many more amazing artists in the following playlist, special Canada:


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