The Sorority – Real Women Solidarity

“I’m talking ’bout crowns on heads and sitting pretty

I’m talking power money education [..] birth of a nation”.

Like sisters from another mister, these four young ladies firstly discovered on an an International Women’s Day cypher hosted by TeamBackPack, reunited as The Sorority are picturing the definition of solidarity

Their style, skills and charisma had led them to perform alongside the likes of Miguel, Joey Bada$$, A-Trak, and Sean Leon. Now, in 2018, these rappers are ready to take the industry by storm, too fine to be confined in boxes.

Their debut single SRTY announces a first album, Pledge, on April 13th, and begins a movement for empowerment, and female emancipation.

The visual for the song is impactful indeed, taking over the usual codes in the hip hop industry. Proud girls talking loud, enjoying themselves in a club, spitting facts and truths throughout mind-blowing lyrics and clever wordplays. Only women, independent, grown, aware of their own wealth and influence, are found in the clip. 

These girls are Hip Hop, they have no shame to feel and express themselves, free. SRTY is meant to feel unapologetic.

A powerful message from four emcees that just happen to be female, who refuse to be identified as ‘female emcees,’ “SRTY” is an anthemic, hard-hitting hip-hop track that is produced by a woman, written by four women, and empowers women all over the world.

These are to counts our Women Of Inspiration on Sounds So Beautiful.

Marcus Gon

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