Camille Peruto – Melodies To Make You Dream

Biscuit looking moon, enlightening a shady sky,

Reflecting the light of a sun, down on The High Road

From the orange clouds to the blue Lagoon.

Hooked, the look in her eyes wouldn’t lose its focus.

A Silent Melody keeps playing, and as light as a feather,

She used to feel like flying back From The Sea To The Sky.

That’s how Camille Peruto creates light and mesmerizing sounds to take delight to.

After releasing an album titled “Sparrow” in 2013, this Philadelphia based singer-songwriter is back this year with a new LP titled “From The Sea To The Sky.”

The period between these 2 albums has been quite busy, as she made an appearance on American Idol in 2015.

Thanks to this opportunity, she obviously learnt more about the Music Industry.

An album fused with Pop/Rock and soothing Folk elements and which has gotten significant recognition, and helped earn her a sponsorship from Larrivée Guitars.

Along this collection of 11 tracks she would go from overwhelming ballads with soothing vocals and mellow harmonies, to rocky guitar riffs and catchy drum kicks.

With that being said, the main ingredient is really her ethereal vocals and her high notes, which showcases best her feels and emotions.

In her calmest songs you can appreciate her inspirations from Sara Bareilles, to U2 and even some Jeff Buckley feels.

To keep on putting in life her songwriting, she’s releasing a new video for one of her oldest songs, Silent Melody.

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