KJ Palmer – Poetry is a Gift

Sounds, waving calm emotions, are

Bringing a calm atmosphere in both ears

Through the white piano keys kicking back to

The black kick-drum making you daydream in the violin

Playing around with Harmony, Simplicity, on the black and white screen

Giving in the way what has always been beautiful to hear out loud: Poetry.

Well-gifted KJ Palmer is this young rapper who tends to practice his Spoken Poetry

Upon a calm, or progressive instrumental. Linking the sensations you get

By listening to the instrumental, meticulously composed and recorded,

With the impressions you get by watching his visuals. and,

With the impressions of feeling the waves of water flowing with the rapper’s words flow.

This is at the same time

Chilling, artistic, nearly philosophic if you take time to think about it

Diving in this synesthesia.

Everyone – KJ PALMER

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