South Florida artist NIL BAMBU celebrates the release of her latest single, The Other Side. On the heels of Runnin’ Plays which tugged at the heartstrings of R&B lovers worldwide, the Trinidadian beauty returns with a soulful track that playfully blends vulnerability and audacity. The Other Side is not another silly little song about love; it’s an unapologetic plea for intimacy and truth. Listen HERE.

The Scandibeats assisted single details of a one-sided relationship over soft-churned production. Backed by Bambu’s sultry vocals, this record entices audiences for their undivided attention as she implores her lover to surrender his. Riddled with remnants of a once-thriving relationship turned battlefield, she croons: “Don’t you go on, I know you like to disappear / Tell me who you call when you’re running away.”

Bambu’s wordplay conveys a powerful yearn for affection woven with hints of despair — reminiscent of Whitney Houston’s 1985 smash, “Saving All My Love For You”. The airy production evokes a sense of serenity despite accompanying lyrics that explore complex themes of duplicity and abandonment. Her vivid use of imagery paints a clear picture for listeners like never before: “Tell me who you call when you’re running low and you need someone to fill you up?”

The 29-year-old songstress shows no signs of letting up as she continues to ascend as a key player in South Florida’s independent circuit. Her knack for candid expressivity shines through on The Other Side. “It’s one of those songs that I’m really proud of because it expresses the internal conflict of wanting to let go whilst still very much being in love,” said Bambu. “Moving on can be a challenging journey and I made this record as a way to heal and shed light on the struggles faced between the heart and mind.”

About Nil Bambu
At 29 years old, Nil Bambu is entering a brand-new era in her career. The Trinidadian-born and Florida-raised singer’s first entry into music came with the release of her 2017 debut project, Diamond Sutra. It’s a body of work that Bambu says she released with the intention of showcasing her depth and the influence that meditation and spirituality have had on her. With a tone and aesthetic that lives within an irresistible realm of contemporary R&B, Bambu woos listeners into crafty records about relationships, heartbreak, self- discovery, freedom, and more. Her takes on these topics continue and expand on her highly anticipated sophomore EP, Eternal Lover, set to be released later this year.


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