Lisabel – Flying With The Stars, Looking Always Higher

Uplifting harmonies, mesmerizing melodies, playful rhythms, along with delightful flavors of smooth jazz… Lisabel is back with a new track: Stars Dance, galactic’ neo soul single.
She’s delivering once again a great songwriting, rich and inventive. You can appreciate how she blends jazz with neo soul chords. At the end, you could almost feel a Robert Glasper‘s influence on the play of the keys.
The theme she’s singing implies to close your eyes and strive be as pure and wise as the stars above. Follows a soothing dialogue between the guitar and the piano… this is a vibe. Colorful progression offers a moment of escape, and suggests endless imagination.
With a chord progression characterized by its clever repetition aiming to go higher and higher almost hypnotising the ears, the song is not lacking of skilled musicians who provide a strong backbone in terms of groove and musical vocabulary.
Lisabel’s use of lyrics as well as jazz syllables is an example of her broad interest in many music genres which will all be present in her upcoming debut album, out in mid 2019.

Lisabel’s new single ‘Stars Dance’ transports the listener to a space and time where the main ‘credo’ is the hope for mental elevation and for positive things to come our way.

The song is influenced by artists such as Gretchen Parlato and Nai Palm (Hiatus Kaiyote) who have both been a big inspiration to Lisabel’s songwriting and storytelling.

‘Stars Dance’ was recorded at the iconic Konk Studios (built in the 70s and owned by the British rock band The Kinks) in early 2018. It was written by Lisabel and produced by Nikola Kovačević and Lisabel Biscaldi.


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