Malone – A Few Things In Life To Keep You Motivated

Waking up to a new morning

Witnessing the succession of a new season

Each day’s another chance to be better than the day before

And simply this should keep you motivated to make your life a success.

Malone decided to illustrate this state of mind with a new track titled Best Of Us.

The video is directed by Threzor Eihls, the song features American artists Ismael Sankara and Ferricia Fatia, a smooth hip hop vibe.

Considering the technique in Malone’s flow of words, you can hear the influence from French conscious rapper Kery James,

The sang chorus brings you back to that old school feel, recalling the bright days of No Diggity‘s era at some point,

Along with the overall deejaying, like we used to do, back in the days, in the 90’s.

The message behind is explained by Malone:

There are things in life that encourage us to give the best of us, this song is our way to honor all the positive things in life that give us strength, motivation and end up shaping who we really are.

Watching and rewinding the video, you get to the picture of these few things in life that keep driven and motivated:

Hip Hop music: For self-expression and being the only thing some have to free their mind.

Expressing the thoughts that consume your mind, and letting it out is an actual therapy and some people dedicate their whole life to Hip Hop.

Time: Life being short, time flies by so fast, there’s never enough time to waste before the next hour.

Family situation: The children you’re raising, as mentions the rapper Ismael Sankara, and all your hard knocks life.

Saddening memories and regrets, that end up to make you stronger and determined

Faith or Hope, if you believe and stand optimistic, ready for any opportunity to knock on the door.

Hip Hop artist from Paris, used to the art Spoken Word, Malone strongly believes in the power of words, his goal is to convey a positive and hopeful message through music.



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