Pomplamoose – Tasty Duo

Back then in 2010.

Each year, you got a revelation of the year on the Internet !
This year was for the Pentatonix, those five performers on Youtube
Performing a capella and beat-boxing.Their originality was rewarded.

Last year, we discovered with a great pleasure the couple of Nick & Amy
– Karmin – who astonished everybody in the house, even Busta Rhymes
On the rap cover of Look at me Now. Great revelation, Karmin is so in there!

Another example, back then in 2010, three years ago,
Youtube revealed a charming couple, again, who catched
Everyone’s attention with their sense of humor and their musical skills,
Particularly the man, who touches every instrument,
From the piano to the drums, to end with a bass guitar.
This cute couple goes by the name of… Pomplamoose !
And they made excellent covers of biggest icons such as Beyoncé
(Single Lady), Lady Gaga (Telephone) or Michael Jackson (Beat It)
And much much more !



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