G Matthews – She Was Born To Perform

She was once told she was born to be a dancer

She used to go to sleep thinking she could do better

So she woke up to a new dream and then it hit her:

Reborn to be a singer, she was meant to be a full performer.

G Matthews, independent artist from Los Angeles, chases her happiness by chasing her music career.

Indeed, when she was 19, she used dancing to inspire her creativity, performing as a back dancer.

Now she’s back with more maturity to get on front of the stage and sing like her favorite artists (Hayley Williams from Paramore).

Today, October 7th, she released her album titled Chasing Happy

A collection of songs made of creative rhythms, catchy guitar riffs, and playful keyboards, supporting the fierce and youthful voice of G Matthews.

Oh Shall We Start Over is the perfect illustration:

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