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Discover each month the most listened emerging artists and the most read articles. 

Chaque mois découvrez les artistes émergents les plus écoutés et les articles les plus lus.


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Top 30 Most Popula Artists in 2017

Beautiful Playlist of Fresh and Clean Producers And Beatmakers

Black Music Month 2017

International Celebration Of Woman’s Rights

Tremplin Soul’R Session 2017

Top 30 – The Freshest Emerging Artists In 2016

Scandinavian Soul Special

Emerging Artists Who’ve Worked With Grammy Nominated Producers

Scandinavian Soul Music Awards

Inspirational Women Who Sound So Beautiful



Dora Martin (April 2014)

Petula Clark (May April 2014)

Caleborate (June 2014)

Official Anisa (July 2014)

Skyler Reed (August 2014)

Dreisam (September 2014)

Official Anisa (October 2014)

Matthew Guerrero (November 2014)

Chilla (December 2014)

Perrine Missemer (January 2015)

Chilla (February 2015)

Samantha Johnson (March 2015)

 Andria SImone (April 2015) 

Fudge And The Frequency (May 2015)

Chilla (June 2015)

Kendrick Lamar – Alright (July 2015)

NEUJA (August 2015)

Pete Flood (September 2015)

Franck Carducci (October 2015=

Ella Martini (November 2015)

Yarah Bravo (December 2015)

Kendrick Lamar – God Is Gangsta (January 2016)

Maggie Szabo (February 2016)

Jeremy Passion (March 2016)

Samantha Johnson (April 2016)

Diana Ebe (May 2016)

Loulou Lamotte (June 2016)

Chance The Rapper (July 2016)

Chilla (August 2016)

Will Wood& The Tapeworms (September 2016)

Supa Dupa (October 2016)

Alicia Rae (November 2016)

Traedonya (December 2016)

Orchestre Harmonique du Rhône (January 2017)

Stelle Amor (February 2017)

Julie Zenatti (March 2017)

Uptown Lovers (April 2017)

Laura Clauzel (May 2017)

Emanuel Harrold (June 2017)

Vaiteani (July 2017)

Emanuel Harold (August 2017)

Laura Brehm (September 2017)

Jessica Curran (October 2017)

Chilla (November 2017)

Supa Dupa (December 2017)


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