Découverts Pour la Première Fois

Découverts Pour la Première Fois 16

« Fan since Day 1 »

Le premier média à reconnaître les grands artistes de demain. Sounds So Beautiful est à l’écoute des musiciens découverts et apprécie le talent et la démarche artistique avant tout le monde. L’éditorial soutient les artistes indépendants dès leur génèse, contribue et assiste au lancement de leur carrière. Notre capacité à découvrir de tels talents nous permet de produire des expériences live uniques et des souvenirs inoubliables.

Samantha Johnson: Powerful Soul, Powerful Voice, Powerful Bomb 1

Samantha Johnson: Powerful Soul, Powerful Voice, Powerful Bomb

Wonderful woman that unveils a astounding Voice Expressing the fierce of her Soul, screaming heartfelt emotions and, From her vibrating lips, she communicates a lyrical and powerful message: Samantha Johnson Is The Bomb That appears and booms into your ears to blow your mind. Fresh singer, fortunate discovery, she’s the Lead Female in Thriller Live, the worldwide

Shan Smile - Holding On To Hope, The Journey Of A Life (Interview) 3

Shan Smile – Holding On To Hope, The Journey Of A Life (Interview)

“Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can.” – Nicholas Sparks « There will be sunshine, though the forecast is grey » – Snoh Aalegra « I’ve learnt to hold on to hope » – Shan Smile (Prisoner of Hope) A breath of fresh

chilla ses débuts ; intergalactik ; sounds so beautiful

Chilla – Nouvelle Représentante du Rap Français (Lyonnais)

    Piqués de curiosité, touche « Play » cliquée, INTERGALACTICK dans vos oreilles fait TILT et Sans interruption, les rimes justement mesurées, s’y déversent suscitant un plaisir immodéré. La poésie et les punchlines bien dosées, inspirées de la créativié de CHILLA retournent la tête  Tel « Biggie » son flow #Hypnotize, incitant à jouer ses tunes sur repeat Telle une

chilla rappeuse, évolution, premier album, Sounds So Beautiful

CHILLA : Confessions Nocturnes Dans Son Nouvel Album MŪN

MUN, 1er album de Chilla, compile les pages de son carnet intime. Elle chante le pouvoir d’Aimer, confesse son Ego, pleure Pour La Vie, dort le Coeur Sombre. Puis s’avoue n’être Plus La Même au réveil, et s’assume Solo dans la Jungle de la vie.

Thaïs Lona - Quand Une Artiste Se Révèle Enfin (Interview) 8

Thaïs Lona – Quand Une Artiste Se Révèle Enfin (Interview)

Ecriture introspective (Un Jour), refrains thérapeutiques (Dancing Again, « move up »), Thaïs Lona explore toutes les capacités vocales (Game) et expose ainsi ses couleurs et l’étendue de sa créativité. Enfin ses productions cinématiques au début de ses titres (Choco) illustrent bien son imagination débordante. Pour la découvrir davantage, l’interview qui suit revient sur son évolution en tant que musicienne, et sur son processus créatif.

Jay Prince 9

Jay Prince

What you can see and appreciate at #ProudCamden is not some dirty rap song where the rapper does not sing but just spit in your ears, no way. What you could testify is the classy vibe of some guys making you high and even higher, with those sounds that get you so going. Yes, Jay Prince, a

jay prince new music 2019 Sounds So Beautiful

Jay Prince – Back On Track With A Whole New Type Of Mood

Jay Prince has just released a new body of work, this 25th January 2019, titled WONDER. An EP darker than the previous one. The CHERISH EP, released in 2018, sounds warm, thriving, with lively melodies and exciting collaborations from the UK scene, counting Mahalia. Tracks like BEAMLIGHT, with a visual filmed in black and white,

Snoh Aalegra: Expressive Pictures Of A Cinematic Scandinavian Soul 10

Snoh Aalegra: Expressive Pictures Of A Cinematic Scandinavian Soul

A mini album, a miniature painting, or a short film, Whatever you may call this obvious Soulful and Bluesy RnB masterpiece, These 9 tracks are likely to leave much more than just a mini impact. With Billie Holiday’s Soul laying and breathing throughout this album Snoh Aalegra has proven again she’s able to make you experiment a

Anisa - The Official New Soulful RnB Talent Of This Week 11

Anisa – The Official New Soulful RnB Talent Of This Week

From France to The UK, let’s stop right at London, vibrating place thriving of live artists On stage, pledging people to get them high and higher, in the pleasure of a funky good time. That’s what happened this past Thursday, July 3rd, in that so-called bar Floripa London, organizing one of its famous open-mic night, jam

Dora Martin: The Duo That Refixes RnB 13

Dora Martin: The Duo That Refixes RnB

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -St. Augustine “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”  -Christopher Reeves Quite inspirational quotes aren’t they? Those last lines inspired enough the values of this upcoming

brown eyed girl ep cherri v sounds so beautiful

Cherri V – Unapologetic Brown Skinned Singer-Songwriter

« Everybody got a path that you can never go back » – Alicia Keys « I’m sorry if I, don’t come across like I’m here… forgive me now for sayin ‘Leave me be’! » – Cherri V Brown Girl silent in the room woudn’t say a word But her staring brown eyes could tell a whole story, eyes

Tess Henley - The Independent Soul 14

Tess Henley – The Independent Soul

Independent woman deserving her 2011 Independent Music Award for Best R&B Song, and more recently, winner of the contest of Guitar Center for Singer-Songwriter. Tess Henley, a sweet miss you’d be pleased to meet, Whose dexterity at the piano keys gets you astonished. Mixing missed old soul and neo soul ; her melody will reach you,

tess henley 2019 new music sounds so beautiful

Tess Henley – The Smoothest Melodies Off Of Her Mini-Album, BETTER

As Henley confides :  « I’m here again and am so grateful for that feeling and everything I’ve learned in the process – learning to trust myself more, learning to be kinder to myself and learning that I’m capable of more than I think or even know sometimes. « 

Marie Dahlstrøm - Scandinavia Got Soul 15

Marie Dahlstrøm – Scandinavia Got Soul

Scandinavia, Scandinavia… who will say “Tussen Tak” enough to Scandinavia for what it gives ? Cause it’s got lots to give ! Marie Dahlstrøm, Danish fair-haired singer from Roskilde, Where she got inspired by Esperanza Spalding, Corinne Bailey Rae, Diana Krall , and many more… proudly puts her talent in light. Talent happily testified at Jazz Cafe, In

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