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Songwriting, what a healing.

Some of the brightest songs come from the darkest places. As you listen to an album, you’re actually witnessing the catharsis of an artist, a coming-of-age. Writing or breaking out of a mental prison. Appreciate the psychology and the healing process through the lyrics.

Sylvan Lacue-Young Sylvan

Rap & Therapy saved Sylvan Lacue from Childhood Traumas

Sylvan Lacue has learnt to confront and voice his emotional issues and childhood traumas through his music. Rapping since 11 years old, Hip Hop rapidly became his very private space, for self-affirmation and self-healing. Anger, overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety, social withdrawal, apathy, hopelessness, overthinking, family issues… it is quite fascinating to observe that people go to therapy and write music for the exact same reasons.

Reggie Becton

Reggie Becton stands up against toxic masculinity with new single « Listenin »

Bae (Baby)Are you listenin’ (Are you listenin’)As soon as you call I go through withdrawals (I do)Bae (Baby)All I wanna do is get high with you (All I really want, all I really want) « Listenin », by Reggie Becton This Wednesday August 26th, the Los Angeles-singer-songwriter Reggie Becton came back with a new single

Sierra Blax | that song when you're a mess but still love yourself #Scorpio 2

Sierra Blax | that song when you’re a mess but still love yourself #Scorpio

If you’re into astrology and a Scorpio, Sierra Blax’ music is made for you. Her latest single,’It’s Not You It’s Me’ (INYIM), is pretty much based on the life of a Scorpio in all its glory. That’s typically the type of song you want to listen to when you know how much of a hot mess you are, but still try to love yourself.

Zoe Wees adresse ses traumas émotionnels dans «Girls Like us» 3

Zoe Wees adresse ses traumas émotionnels dans «Girls Like us»

Girls Like Us sonne fondamentalement comme une thérapie pour se désinhiber de sa timidité et de son manque de confiance en soi. A l’instar des artistes comme Yseult, qui clame « Je suis grosse et noire du lundi au lundi », Zoe Wees se dresse contre les codes de Beauté et se décharge de tout jugement de valeur sur son physique.

Gavlyn - An Album Made For Peace Of Mind 4

Gavlyn – An Album Made For Peace Of Mind

In this 2018 album, Gavlyn is opening her mind to her listeners, bringing them into her own bubble, her very own head space. This is a project for peace of mind, a project to  vibe on.

Annie Bonsignore: Music, A Divinely Inspirational Therapy 5

Annie Bonsignore: Music, A Divinely Inspirational Therapy

Passion at all level shall be the key word of the multi-talented artist Annie Bonsignore’s self-produced debut album: Shades of Red, a recording as precious as a rubis stone, crystallizing the deepest and the truest stories interpreted throughout eleven tracks Fear, Love, Loss and Hope are the main ingredients of this musical treasure. A treasure that

mia mi new single Sounds So Beautiful

MIA MI – Songwriting, A Remedy For Mental Exhaustion

Hardened heart hide unspoken secrets In the thick of the mess, of the stress,  Oppressive feelings can watch me, maybe catch me, Snatch the rest of the little peace of me Before shut off the lights Be for me, in the cold night Care for me, when I’m lonely  Pray for me, when I’m bummy

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