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Ronnie Watts Kisses Summer Goodbye with Electrifying New Remix

Now at 19, her music shows a sophistication beyond her years. The tracks in I Don’t Trust You At All fold the listener in with their expressive lyrics and beautiful compositions. It’s clear that Ronnie uses songwriting to process her feelings, because her verses read like poems of the heart. At times aching, at times brutal, each song— even the most melancholy of them— is radiant.

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Gillian Heidi’s New Single «Moonlight», Is A Loving Dream

Now that we told you a little bit more about Gillian Heidi, let’s focus on Moonlight, which is for us, her most vulnerable and powerful song.
Moonlight in itself is about a relationship, which feel different to her because it’s an healthy one, on the opposite of the one she is describing in fray, our latest review about her.

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The Many Colors of Indie-Pop Artist Shenna (Interview)

Indie-pop singer and songwriter Shenna released a video on November 12 for her latest single Try Another Taste. The song is pure, vibrant fun. It delightfully showcases Shenna’s music style, which is characterized by contagious energy and sparkly electronic beats. The accompanying video is like letting rainbow candy melt on your tongue.

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