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They represent the Culture.

Music sounds like a language, and that language evolves across the ages. From Gospel, to Jazz, then Hip-Hop… Neo Soul is the innovative blend of these. The genre never stops crossing boundaries, carrying still the same musical roots. The future of such a Culture is safe in the hands of the following musicians you’ll discover here.

bel-ami museic sounds so beautiful

Bel-Ami Puts the Muse in MUSE(IC)

Bel-Ami’s smooth, poetic music is influenced by such neo-soul greats as Bilal, D’Angelo, and Maxwell. He paid particular attention to the idea of influence and inspiration when recording this album, which pays homage to his muses.


Jada Nycole Ellise Reps For Detroit History In « Old Redford »

Jada Nycole Ellise learned her trade in Motor City, placing 2nd in the Detroit Jazz Festival’s Youth Vocal competition. After performing in several venues across the country, she formally launched her career, releasing a first EP, SiO2 in 2016.

H.E.R. - Meaning Behind "I Used To Know H.E.R." 2

H.E.R. – Meaning Behind « I Used To Know H.E.R. »

That’s why, along with  Lost Souls,  we can understand that the acronym H.E.R. does not only stands for Having Everything Revealed, but also Hip Hop in its Essence is Real as Common used to rap, back in the days.

thais lona dancing again cube

Thaïs Lona Rappe A Coeur Ouvert Sur « Dancing Again ».

Thaïs Lona révèle le titre de son tant attendu premier album, CUBE. Son single, Dancing Again, en présente une première lecture. Celle d’une artiste qui maîtrise l’alliage entre rap, chant et future beat. Les influences Teedra Moses et Kaytranada sont présentes.

joy crookes new ep Sounds So Beautiful

Joy Crookes – Like Mother Like Daughter, Maturation Of A Strong Young Woman

Two Nights in a Man’s World got her thinking Singing about what Lover does or what Lover Don’t to please her desires Reminiscing how silly it feels to sink in the deep of love, in the deep of lust, Praying Don’t Let Me Down and falling prey to loneliness, with a mist of sadness Years after

tess henley 2019 new music sounds so beautiful

Tess Henley – The Smoothest Melodies Off Of Her Mini-Album, BETTER

As Henley confides :  « I’m here again and am so grateful for that feeling and everything I’ve learned in the process – learning to trust myself more, learning to be kinder to myself and learning that I’m capable of more than I think or even know sometimes. « 

Nique The First Sounds So Beautiful Magazine

Nique Emerges As RnB Artist With Debut Song « The First »

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Nique has emerged onto the RnB scene with her debut single The First, which dropped on November 19th. While she may bring a fresh face to the industry, her voice holds a maturity and expressiveness that belie her youth.

oracle blue header sounds so beautiful magazine

Spilling the tea on Oracle Blue’s new single « Herbal Tea »

If art is a reflection of current attitudes and issues, then Herbal Tea serves as a wonderful reminder of how to prioritize self-care in an increasingly connected world. Bubbly and jazzy, it puts forward a very necessary mantra: just sip tea and let it be.

pic by anne sophie photographe d'histoires uniques

Mahalia – La Chanteuse Offre Un Show de Qualité Pour Sa Première Date A Lyon, Au Ninkasi Gerland

Un doux parfum aux arômes British embaume la scène du Ninkasi Gerland, décorée de mille roses aux teintes de rouge et de blanc, suspendues ci et là, au-dessus des instruments. Le jeu de lumières tamisées annonce une ambiance confortable, smooth et sexy, pour apprécier une expérience Soul/R&B digne des soirées londoniennes. Au son des premiers

sara lugo elevate sounds so beautiful

Sara Lugo Drops Effervescent EP « Elevate »

While her first two albums are decidedly reggae, Elevate marks a turn in a new direction. It overflows with energy and hip hop beats. The tracks still have reggae and neo-soul influences, but their composition is super playful. The result is a charming, electric, groovy listen.

Embrassez la Culture Neo Soul et découvrez les dernières sorties d’album à ne pas manquer directement dans votre boîte de réception.

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