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meaning all the stars black panther

Breaking down the lyrics!

La chanson est cool, mais l’histoire derrière l’est encore plus ! Dans l’écriture, chaque détail compte, à la virgule près. Comprenez la vision, les références et le contexte à l’origine des paroles et des visuels de vos morceaux favoris.

childish gambino this is america meaning Sounds So Beautiful

‘This Is America’: 8 Facts on The American History by Childish Gambino (Meaning)

With « This Is America », Childish Gambino conveys a powerful message  that hit racism and gun violence in America. Plus it addresses the Entertainment industry which keeps distracting the world from the chaos that is occurring nowadays. Many other things are yet to be considered in this video.

This body of work is historical. This might be one of the most impactful pieces since the Kendrick Lamar’s Alright video.

D Smoke-Black Habits best lyrics

D Smoke – Best Lyrics from Black Habits

Building on his success on the show, D Smoke crafted a refined vessel to adress history, culture, and spirituality with Black Habits, an album in which his potent creativity and lyricism are on full display.

D Smoke Rapture

Watch D Smoke’s manifesto for Black women « Rapture »

D Smoke recently came out with « Rapture », a manifesto for black women facing the violence, the sexism and the stereotypes that black women are threaten by daily and how they keep staying strong no matter what.

Kendrick Lamar, SZA - All The Stars (Meaning), Highlight of The African Civilization 2

Kendrick Lamar, SZA – All The Stars (Meaning), Highlight of The African Civilization

All The Stars’ video not only introduces the first single from the Black Panther album, by Kendrick Lamar, SZA and The Weeknd, but showcases one the most beautiful visual artistry since Alright and LOVE from Kendrick. This is most definitely a perfect way to picture Black History in this month of February. The clip contains a lot of symbols and follows a certain logic to express an impactful message.

kendrick lamar alright video sounds so beautiful

Kendrick Lamar – Alright: 10 Symbols Of Positivity & Hope

From Hip Hop, to jazzy psychedelic music, through faith in God, the message that Kendrick Lamar conveys in Alright is only about Positivity – whether Fox agrees or not.  That’s the core essence of Hip Hop culture. Read these 10 symbols.

nekfeu ses plus belles paroles sounds so beautiful

Nekfeu, Ses Plus Beaux Textes Dans « Les Etoiles Vagabondes » (En Attendant Son Live Woodstower)

L’écriture de Nekfeu vagabonde autour de grands thèmes qui orientent sa vie. Parmi ces thématiques, on retrouve son amour de l’écriture ; ses voyages à l’international ; sa passion du gaming et autres souvenirs d’enfance ; sa contemplation pour les astres ; ses valeurs de loyauté ou encore ses rimes teintées de romantisme ; sans parler de ses multiples références sociales (racisme et milieu social).

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