Lyrics Decrypted

To decrypt and analyse the meaning and messags behind the lyrics, instrumentation  visual.

Décrypter et analyser les messages et significations derrière les paroles, la composition et les visuels.



Snoh Aalegrah – “Ugh, Those Feelings Again”, Her Masterpiece Album, And Her Admiration For Sade

Cleo Sol – Self-Love with Sweet Blue

Tank & The Bangas – Meaning For Green Balloon

Eryn Allen Kane – Fragile, Breaking Free From Generational Trauma

Chance The Rapper – THE BIG DAY, An Album Made For the 90’s Babies

Alpha Wann – Retour Sur Les Ecrits de Son Classique, UNE MAIN LAVE L’AUTRE

Nekfeu – Ses Plus Beau Textes dans son album LES ETOILES VAGABONDES

Alicia Keys – Raise A Man, For The Future and For The Love

CHILLA – Confessions Nocturnes dans son album MUN

CHILLA – #DansLMovie Paroles Décryptées

Chimène Badi – Interview pour son nouvel album CHIMENE

Saba – His Best Lyrics from CARE FOR ME

Noname –   Room For Vulnerability And More Confidence – Meaning Behind Room25

H.E.R. Meaning Behind I Used To Know H.E.R. Part 2

Chilla – 1er Jour d’Ecole

Mac Miller – Swimming

H.E.R. – I Used To Know H.E.R.

Akua Naru – The Blackest Joy

Childish Gambino – This is America

H.E.R. Every Kind Of Way, Avenue, Focus and the short film

Kendrick Lamar – SZA: All The Stars

Kendrick Lamar
Meanings Behind ‘Loyalty’

Jay Z
‘4:44’, His Most Emotional Song After ‘Song Cry’

Mary J. Blige
Apprendre A S’Apprécier A Sa Juste Valeur

Kendrick Lamar
DAMN The Curse Of A Mortal Man (Lyrics Explained)

Joey Bada$$
The Best Lyrics From An Album Bigger Than Him

Alicia Keys
HERE To Witness, Gather And Inspire

Black America Again: Power Given To Youth And Women To Rewrite History

Telefone: A Voice You Can’t Forget, A Voice You Want To Converse With

Alicia Keys
Let Me In – Humanity Matters

Jamila Woods
Young Black Women’s Empowerment & Self-Determination

Chance The Rapper
Coloring Book – The Best Lyrics

Kendrick Lamar
5 Reasons Why His 2016 Grammys’ Performance Was

Kendrick Lamar
Untitled 2, Lyrics Review in 5 Points

Kendrick Lamar
“God is Gangsta”, He Pimped The Game Cause He Loves The Player

Eryn Allen Kane – Aviary Act 1 ‘ EP Review
The Concept of The Bird In The Cage

Kendrick Lamar
Institutionalized Behind The Walls – Lyrics Crossover

Kendrick Lamar
For Free? – Music Video Review – 5 Connections To Get

Kendrick Lamar
Alright – Music Video Review – 10 Symbols of Positivity

Kendrick Lamar
His Album Is A Black Portraiture In Itself

 FoCus Lyrics Review
SZA – Ice Moon

FoCus Lyrics Review
Joey Bada$$ – Waves

FoCus Lyrics Review
Black Milk – Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst

FoCus Lyrics Review
Kendrick Lamar – Cartoons & Cereals

 FoCus Lyrics Review
Kanye West ft Big Sean, Jay Z – CLIQUE



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