auréal – Bringing Back The Taste For 90’s R&B Music

Soughing soothing words of bliss
Sweet and mesmerizing voices 
Mellowest melodies and vibes from the 90’s

London based singer-songwriter, auréal, is bringing back the taste for old school R&B, blended with hints of electro-soul. 90’s nostalgic production made of a laid back beat, oneiric chords on the keys, and ethereal vocal harmonies, aureal is setting the mood along a new-wave R&B type of vibe.
This 8th Februrary, she’s releasing her debut single, titled me&u on cloud9.
Whisperings and mesmerizing falsettos, she’s singing about the kind of love to get you high and blissful, on cloud 9.
aureal has been creating her sound, influenced by the likes of Mariah Carey, Aaliyah and Janet Jackson,and inspired by classic movies and a love for all things romantic to paint pictures of charming imagery.
The song will have you drifting into a dreamlike world as auréal sings intimately with falling runs and gliding falsettos that take you away to the clouds with her. Painting pictures of charming imagery and nostalgia as the story unfolds.
auréal provides us with a complex sound, blending elements of R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop genres into one expertly produced single. With a sprinkle of lo-fi adding to the dimensions and transitions that give this song its original feel.
And she feels as natural as a delicate English rose.

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