H.E.R. – Meaning Behind I Used To Love H.E.R. Part 2

What if God was a H.E.R.
Would I treat her the same? Would I still be runnin’ game on her?
In what type of ways would I want her?
Would I want her for her mind or her heavenly body?
Couldn’t be out gettin’ bogus with someone so godly” – Faithful (Common).

November 2nd, three months after The Prelude To The Album, previously reviewed, Gabriella Gibson finally releases the second part of her I Used To Know H.E.R. series. As clever as surprising, instead of releasing a whole new album, she drops a new EP. This recalls her debut album made of Vol.1 and Vol.2 EP’s. That’s how her first fans discovered her sound, her vibe. After 4 EP’s, I Used To Know HER still feels like an intimate jam, a secret delicacy, a selfish pleasure. 

Besides, adding a second part emphasizes the storytelling aspects in HER’s songwriting. Her music includes many layers and readings. HER’s videos are the greatest ways to illustrate such a genius when it comes to writing stories. From Focus, to Avenue, to this short film, previously reviewed on Sounds So Beautiful.

The message seems to go deeper and deeper after each body of work. Debut album H.E.R. (Vol.1 & Vol.2) pictures a young woman dedicated to young women, being an introvert individual with explosive temper; singing songs anyone could relate to when it comes to the pressure of a torturous relationships. The Prelude portrays a young woman rising in the music industry that’s slowly affirming her own identity with all honesty and self-awareness.

What if God was a H.E.R.

What is more, the project brings back Hip Hop core values. Some of these values used to highlight women’s worth. As far as I Used To Know H.E.R. Part 2 is concerned, it depicts another facet, way more empowering for ladies. Indeed,  tracks such as Lord Is Coming and Fate, imply a Gospel feel throughout the EP.

Such a thought serves the idea of regarding God as a Her, and remaining faithful as Mankind should search the face of God, as he’s revealing himself to those who look for him. An idea once again inspired by Common with his song Faithful.

The Prelude already subtly announced a Gospel follow-up, ending with single As I Am which reminds of  the Hymn As I Am. From Having Everything Revealed to The Lord is Coming, H.E.R. keeps delivering uplifting spoken word. As she states the Bible she starts to sound like The Book Of Revelation (The Apocalypse of John).

This, added to Fate which sounds just like the apocalyptic music video Earth Song by Michael Jackson, really closes the EP with a strong message, a thoughtful prayer with another societal commentary.

“Everyday I pray for mankind
We’re all slaves to a generation socialized and sickness is in the mind
We are habitual thinkers, substance abusers and habitual drinkers
But free your mind because the plug is watching from the top floor, hoping you too would fall for the illusions of a temporary high
When we think, we need to get by
But are we really trying when kids are dying and depression is trending?
Are these the signs of an Armageddon?
We’re all in denial and it’s all cool until you’re suicidal
We never learn from our so called idols
We’re just repeating the cycle so- […]
It’s a World War III, corruption versus greed
Not you versus me
But do we ever think, of the need for inner peace?
They can’t put a price on your soul, don’t matter your religion, right and wrong is something everybody knows
They pick and choose what’s equal
Who’s good and who’s evil
And this is the devil’s world but the Lord is coming for his people”

Finally, on an another note, Carried Away is one of these tracks loyal to H.E.R.’s trademark when it comes to love songs. This one has a funky vibe and recalls Bill Withers’ Use Me.

A tourmented love song that has listeners get in their feelings with their minds mesmerized by the smoothest production, one more time.

Let’s end this with the first video from the LP I Used To Know H.E.R., featuring a stunning chemistry between Bryson and Gabi. The directing does everything to make you believe a kiss is about to be given from one or the other.  However, even though they could’ve been the lovers we imagined them to be, they didn’t get Carried Away.

A song to listen to when emotions are in a mess, feelings all funked up.

Marcus Gon

Rédacteur en chef de Sounds So Beautiful, et auteur de l’œuvre Poetically Yours. ,Storytelling, ou l'art de conter une histoire, l'effort de véhiculer un message, l'exploit de communiquer une émotion, ou bien encore le miracle d'inspirer et d'influencer. Sounds So Beautiful, founded by writer and musician Marcus Gon, is the international media, specialized in the music industry, working closely with advertisers and public relations, and allowing emerging artists to develop their career. Poetically yours

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