The High Corporation – Soul & Groove Music: All About Progression

Imaginative, cinematic, progressive, suggestive,

Everywhere they go, this Czech/Slovak collective, called The High Corporation,

Keeps their audience amazed with outstanding performers.

They’ve just released a future soul EP titled When I Went to School.

Their music suggests several colors and pictures to capture:

One of a kind experience, blend of Jazz, Hip Hop and Electro Soul, 

They’ll make you feel like diving underwater, just like Hiatus Kaiyote.

The guitar chords and the bass lines are setting up a groove, an actual dance, along a jazzy sound

The alternative production allows a huge space for creativity and diversity in rhythms patterns.

“Progress is their initiation”, and this, is the true essence of their music.

The kind of essence you can sense even in the lyrics.

One of their tracks Roots, as a perfect illustration, deals with evolution:

“This song is from a period of my life when I was trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. 

I sincerely wanted to get back to my roots. It was important for me to understand the background, but after a while I understood that it’s also absurd.

You can’t go back. It’s evolution. It’s the time arrow that for some reason decides to go in one direction.

Roots confronts reality, illusions, delusions. It’s a little bit bipolar.” –  says Ashley, the vocalist, about the tune.

As poetic as can be, this band is exploring new shades of Soul and Groove, with hues of Jazz blended with Hip Hop vibes.

The High Corporation, is a colorful piece to consider.

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