Ren – Travel To The Other Side Of The Sea

“To The Coast I Go” Ren

Life is a long trip made of hardships made to make you slip and fall,

But if every morning, you wake up, get up and keep up, there’s a chance to reach your goal,

There’s a chance to find ‘The Coast’.

The Coast is Ren’s new single, out since October 7th 2016, his own travel theme.

Singer-songwriter Ren, one hard worker and inspiring story-teller, writes softly a nostalgic ode to the journey of his life.

His story is quite impressing, considering all the efforts he had to make to fulfill his goal to travel and leave the country he used to live in.

As he confides:

‘The Coast’ was inspired by a yearning feeling that I experienced before I made a decision to take my first proper traveling trip.

To get the funds together, I converted my van into a camper van and lived in it in London whilst working a 9-5. I used to turn up to work every morning in running shorts and pretend that I had ran in to work just so I could use the office showers!

I started my trip by getting the ferry to Norway from England with my van and from there I drove through Scandinavia, central Europe and a bit of Eastern Europe.

I ended up living in the North of Holland for a little while before I moved to France for 5 months.

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