Taylor Mace – Artist and Story-Telling

And so blows the inspiration, creativity never gets winded.

Stars in the sky, legendary artists stars of their time, or the everyday life,

That shy girl, that old guy… What else could inspire your creativity?

Today, Taylor Mace may be the one to help this creativity of

Yours. Young yes, lot to say yet, wording her verses flowing

Following the story Taylor is telling, producing what is best in rap songs:


Somebody once shared a random video of a good hip-hop trio from the UK

Saying in caption: “This gives me hope for the UK hip-hop”.

But, truth is, you’d best-believe London and the rest of the UK

Have lots to give and are going hard to knock harder.

Proof is, that young little artist, Taylor Mace, proved she could inspire some with her music.

If you’re still wondering who’s Taylor Mace, then just go and discover

‘Now Or Never’ the songs of hers that deserved to be heard.

By the way, her album is coming soon

This’ll let you know more about W.H.O. is Taylor Mace, artistically speaking.

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