”I am so far ahead of my life, I’m ’ bout to start another life ; look behind you, I’m bout to pass you twice. »
You’ll guess whose is this quote. Meanwhile, it’s a sad fact to testify that too many guys don’t consider how blessed they are.

If they knew, that in the darker you stay, the brighter your potential is, they wouldn’t loose faith so quickly.
NDMC. got it right, so he and his fellows did write a song acording to the idea.

In the same spirit of Janelle Monáe singing

“While some are selling dope, we gon’ keep selling hope”,

Ndmc provides hope with “Jeune Prince”.

Inspired of his Bible, but also of his hardships and better experiences, the young artist rhymes his

Faith, Ambition, Truth, Energy (F.A.T.E.)
Just go and listen to this fresh French artist.

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